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If you are planning to travel to a foreign country, by car, either in your individual or in your professional capacity, you could benefit from the privileged legal coverage packages offered by Accident Consulting services in the event of a road accident abroad. Our company provides specialised travel legal coverage to drivers and passengers visiting countries of Europe.

Visiting a foreign country by car is always an exciting, but also unpredictable experience. During your journey and stay you may be involved without your fault in any kind of road accident.

By using our company’s services you will receive legal assistance of high value, with minimal cost. 

We provide you with the highest level of legal assistance and representation if you are involved in any road accident. 

This service is suitable to enjoy your holidays or your business trip without stress. 

Our network of lawyers includes scientists specialised in car accident law, as well as insurance, criminal, civil and commercial law, ensuring that you are able to overcome any disputes or claims that may arise during your stay abroad. 

The extended legal network of Accident Consulting Services provides 100 % coverage in Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Germany, Serbia and Turkey. So there is always an on-site lawyer to help you in case you need legal aid.

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